Helping you to buy better and work smarter

Added Value Enterprises specialises in procurement consultancy, providing our customers with sustainable and measurable cost savings, smarter purchasing as well as a range of solutions to save you time, ensure compliance and improve your customer experience.

We deliver savings to our customers on average of over 8% on their purchasing spend.

How we work

Being in control of your costs has never been so important, we have a team of qualified industry experts at hand that can support you every step of the way. Whether it’s helping you to save money, improving your food offer, ensuring compliance and safety or improving your day to day operation.

Customise solutions

As a dedicated and passionate team, we provide customised solutions that meet your needs. By collaborating closely with industry experts and trusted suppliers, we make sure you receive tailored solutions that are best suited for you.

Support your business

At AVE, we understand the importance of maintaining a balance between quality, service, and costs for business success. Beyond simply offering services, we become your partner, taking the time to understand your company, needs, and budget. Leveraging our insider knowledge and research, we negotiate the best deals, saving you valuable time and money.

Provide a one-stop shop

Our customer-centric approach begins with building a strong partnership. We then conduct a thorough analysis of your business’s needs, budget, and current setup using our expert in-house team. This allows us to create a perfectly tailored sustainable solution specifically for you, delivered seamlessly through our convenient one-stop shop process.

In-House Support Services

Purchasing Solutions

Refreshment Solutions

Our range of vending machines to suit all needs with healthy, refreshing and sustainable drinks for your school, facility or workplace.

Waste Solutions

Partnering with you to help optimise your waste & recycling requirements and to deliver long-term cost efficiencies for your business.

Cleaning and Environmental Services

Professional, comprehensive deep cleaning for your kitchen facilities, washrooms and serviced accommodations.

Team Support

Bespoke and boutique. Matching candidate to role for a productive long-term working relationship, whether in catering or business support.

Design and Build Solutions

As a Director, with in-house catering, our partnership with AVE ensures that the suppliers we are using are of the quality and value we need to give great ingredients for our learner’s meals

With AVE, we can easily access information and reports as required, which means we have full control and sovereignty over our purchasing.

We have a great blend of national and local suppliers which ensures we meet our customers’ demands for great regional produce.

AVE has benchmarked our suppliers and were able to negotiate better prices along with robust audit processes which means we have full confidence in our food quality.

AVE has made a significant impact to our purchasing requirements, not only adding excellent value but also a robust supply chain which gives me peace of mind.