Supporting Independent Schools.

Addressing the VAT Balance in your Favour.

Uncertainty in the UK’s political landscape creates a challenging few months and years ahead for independent schools! Talk of VAT on fees and teachers’ pensions means tough decisions will need to be made across the independent school sector, however, at AVE we can help! We are experts in cost management and control, from procurement efficiency to waste management, we can provide assistance and advice. Our team of experts who have vast knowledge and experience are here to support you. Whether you are in-house, want a proposal for multiple services (we achieve between 15-20% savings) or are outsourced and want to benchmark your service, why not get in touch? a change in VAT will bring and helped create a more robust plan to support food costs going forward.

Our complete in house solution.

We offer a range of in house catering procurement solutions allowing you to drive value supported with our food and nutritional experts who help bring it all to life. With the expected impact of VAT on the horizon, there has never been a better time to stay in control and bring down your costs

Procurement Solutions

The way you buy has the power to transform your business for good. We help you access new efficiencies, improve supplier relationships, and meet the highest standards of compliance.


Food & Nutrition

Catering can be tricky to go at alone. Why not partner up? Trust us to lend a specialist hand across every aspect of your food operation, and guarantee the best results – safety and sustainability assured.

Menu Design

Compliance & Audit

Stay diligent, stay compliant with our range of audit and training solutions


Recruitment Solutions

Get the best People with our Recruitment Solutions


Managed Menu Solution 

Our managed menu solution provides you with a complete menu solution inclusive of compliance check, nutrition improvement recommendations and commercial opportunities with optional access to our online ordering portal maximising savings potential


No Fee Benchmark.

Whether you are a boarding or day time independent school, we can provide full benchmarking service against your current supply chain, there is no charge to this service. Our CIPS accredited buyers have vast experience and extensive relationships with suppliers who provide solutions within the independent school market.

Creating Partnerships.

At AVE we pride ourselves on becoming the partner of choice for your schools catering needs, we know just how important in house catering is and how it aligns with a schools visions and values. Your teams play a key role in delivering a great customer experience every day. AVE can support theme days, added value event days and tailor a hospitality solution that delights your students, patents and the local community. Our innovative support and solutions can support your teams in order to deliver that great experience and capture imaginations.

Come and have a chat with us, we can tailor a solution that’s right for you.