Customer Experience.

Fun, interactive food & nutrition education sessions led by our expert Innovation Team really underpin the importance of a balanced approach to food for your customers and teams.

Each session consists of 2 workshops specifically targeted to the audience age group, promoting learning outcomes aligned to the curriculum for school children and life skills for school leavers and adults.

Every session is tailored to suit your facilities, timetable and participants, who leave with follow up activities, support materials and new found skills

Primary Schools "Funky Foods".

Helping young minds make the right choices around healthy eating, portion size and 5 a day, this fun session is based around healthy eating, cooking & where food comes from and includes a nutritionist led class and a chef workshop helping children to identify foods and express opinions about different food & preferences and learn about food provenance

Secondary Schools - "Food Fact & Food Fiction".

Aimed at years 7 & 8, these sessions “deinfluence” myths around health & wellbeing by busting inaccurate claims in the press, on tv and in social media.

This interactive session consists of “a day in the life” nutritionist workshop and a multi – sensory tasting extravaganza with one of our gastro engineers trained to demonstrate the right way to maximise the flavours of good food.

We touch on visual perception versus reality, how to utilise natural sugars instead of refined, demonstrate well being ingredient combos to enhance activity and environmentally friendly recipes that minimise wastage.

School Leaver "Cooking with Confidence".

Group sessions helping school leavers survive the challenges of their next life journey, no matter which path they intend to follow.

This live demonstration brings to life simple solutions for shopping on a budget, cooking for one and staying safe & healthy.

This live cooking demonstration really brings things to life – with chef and nutritionist commentary reliving real life experiences and hints & tips to maximise life’s next challenge

Care Home Residents "Food Memories for the Mind".

The kitchen has been the heart of the home for many older people, so it can be difficult when they arrive in a care home and have little or nothing to do with cooking.

Our culinary team can help get them involved and make them feel productive with a real sense of purpose.

By introducing some interactive chef workshops, care home residents can reestablish their identity as they reminisce on kitchen activities that were once a daily chore, including bread making, sandwich filling, peeling vegetables, decorating pizzas or even a spot of washing up.

Our visit also includes a review of the food provision ensuring nutrients match the needs of the vulnerable.

The Food Innovation Tour.

We take you urban foraging in cities across the UK tracking down the latest trends, supporting you to implement those themes into your menus.

Join us on a mixed group insight tour with other clients from your sector and beyond to benefit from networking opportunities alongside what is nothing short of a fun packed food expedition.

Each event is fully inclusive of food and drink across multiple outlets – top tip, don’t eat the day before!

Regional Experience Showcase.

Our regional experience showcases are an ideal opportunity for our clients to meet with like minded colleagues to share experience and knowledge and hear from our expert speakers as we break down the barriers between Great Food, Nutrition and Procurement