Cleaning & Environmental Services.

Professional, comprehensive deep cleaning – including duct cleaning, filtration cleaning and pest control – for your kitchen facilities, washrooms and serviced accommodations, ensuring hygiene, safety and legal compliance.

Bespoke commercial & kitchen deep cleaning.

We offer full deep kitchen cleaning.

Removing dangerous dirt and bacteria from your kitchen doesn’t only protect your staff and customers. It also extends the life and increases the efficiency of your valuable kitchen equipment: a long-term saving on cost.

Our expert deep-cleaning service uses the most effective cutting-edge technology to fully sanitise all surfaces and eliminate stubborn burned-on carbon and fat – a potential cause of pest infestation and kitchen fires.

Grease extraction duct cleaning and certification – TR19®.

Cleaning your kitchen extraction system is a legal requirement.

Did you know you are legally obliged to clean your kitchen extraction system?

Our full extraction system cleaning method degreases the inside and outside of the hood of the canopy, paying particular attention to removing grease build-up from the baffles, where it tends to accumulate. These are removed, subjected to a careful inspection and soaked in cleaning solution – they are replaced only when they meet our safety standards.

Ventilation system cleaning.

A clean ventilation system is an essential part of a healthy building.

Our comprehensive ventilation system cleaning process eliminates dust and debris. To minimise potentially harmful airborne contaminants, we also clean and replace filters as needed.

Your ventilation system has a direct effect on the health of your staff and customers. Regular cleaning, maintenance and monitoring is the best way to keep everyone safe and well, in addition to minimising kitchen smells and creating a more pleasant, welcoming workspace.

General hygiene and sanitisation cleaning.

Maintaining a clean working environment.

A clean working environment is essential to the safety and comfort of all. This is especially relevant in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our professional sanitising service protects your customers and staff by keeping all high-traffic areas and touch points clean and sanitised.