Working in partnership.

Our commitment: cut your costs without cutting corners.

Working with industry-leading specialists, getting the right deals, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations and keeping it all running on time – procuring goods and services can quickly turn into a full-time job. It’s no wonder that many businesses choose to stick with their existing supplier relationships, saving time and effort – but losing money in the process.

At Added Value Enterprises, we’re a committed team with a passion for connecting businesses with the right suppliers. Partner with us, and we’ll seek out the best options for your business in a dynamic and crowded marketplace. We’ll also review your existing supply chain, gaining you immediate savings and new efficiencies.

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Purchasing solutions

Optimise your food and non-food supply chains with our team of purchasing experts.

Purchasing solutions

Food management consultancy

Our specialist consultants are here to help you launch your catering service with pride.

Food Management Consultancy

Stay compliant, stay accountable.

All our suppliers are established market leaders with the credentials and qualifications appropriate for their sector. We make sure of it, and we ensure these credentials stay current.

But AVE isn’t just some anonymous middleman between customer and service provider. Our own in-house team are industry specialists with many years of hard-won experience, and the vision to find just the right solution for you. We’ll work closely with you to make sure that your offerings are sustainable, safe and compliant with all the applicable laws and regulations.

Compliance isn’t just important for your business’s legal standing. It also creates transparency and builds trust with your customers – and that’s key to client retention.


Get the best people.

AVE works with a portfolio of suppliers across a wide range of sectors. Our industry connections, years of experience and reputation for excellence mean that we can secure the best partners for you, whether your business is just started out, long-established, or anything in between.

If you already have a network of suppliers, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from our support. In a dynamic and rapidly evolving market, it’s always worth reviewing and updating your existing arrangements. We can negotiate with your current suppliers as well as identifying potential new ones. We make sure your business gets the best possible deal, all along the supply chain.

A one-stop shop.

Our approach is truly customer-centred, beginning with building a relationship to create a true partnership. This is followed by a thorough analysis and review of your business’s needs, budget and current setup by our expert in-house team. This enables us to create a solution perfectly tailored to you and deliver it in a single process: a convenient one-stop shop.

Working in partnership.

Look around and you’ll see plenty of companies offering to get the right suppliers for your business. What we bring to the table is a friendly, personal approach rooted in proven experience and expertise. We don’t just deal in services – we build connections between people.

And our commitment doesn’t end when the deals are signed. We’re on hand to implement compliance, build sustainability and deliver the training and information your team needs. For more information about the range of support we offer, just take a look at our Service pages.