Net Zero.

Net zero by 2049 is a global business imperative, and one we are proud to support. We are putting in place our own plan of action to reach this target, continuously taking steps to reduce our emissions, offset our carbon, and improve our energy efficiency.

Net Zero

People power.

People make our business. From supporting our communities to empowering our clients to do good, we know people are the answer to social and environmental issues. We strive to forge the connections that build thriving, ethical communities, and safeguard a prosperous future for us all.

Environment first.

Whatever we do, the environment comes first. That means continually striving to reduce our carbon footprint, buying produce and planning menus to limit food waste, and only working with growers who use environmentally friendly farming methods. Protecting local habitats, and preserving biodiversity.


Ethical sourcing.

It starts at the source. We know supply chains can quickly become unwieldy and obscure. That’s why we take great care to audit every supplier we work with regularly, visit our farmers in person, and keep our supply chain lean.

Building relationships with quality suppliers, giving back to our communities, and making continuous improvements to the way we operate. We’re always open and transparent with our customers and suppliers, because honesty is at the heart of ethical purchasing.

Putting the people into purchasing.

A culture of entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and openness has made us a unique presence in the purchasing landscape.

We work with people, for people, giving back to our communities, empowering and supporting our employees, and working with clients on a personal level to create genuine, and long-lasting positive impact.

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