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Why choose AVE?

Improve supply chain efficiency.

With a robust, established supply chain and years of industry experience, we’ll achieve the efficiencies you’ve been dreaming of. Better supplier relationships, better sourcing, better prices – with all the credentials, checks, and doublechecks you need to achieve total peace of mind.

Access tailored support.

Choose us as your purchasing partner and you’ll get to work with people, not just a business. We provide all our customers with a consistent point of contact and a friendly, personal service, so they always have someone to count on.

Reduce your impact.

Sustainability is at the core of our business. We take great care when sourcing and establishing new supplier relationships, so you can trust us to help you buy more ethically, and reduce your carbon footprint. Align your business objectives with your CSR targets, and live your purpose every day.

Purchasing solutions.

Your partner for food and non-food purchasing is here. At AVE, we don’t take shortcuts. We work with you, person-to-person, delivering the quality you expect, at prices you deserve.
Cut your costs without adversely impacting stakeholder satisfaction. Make better decisions, informed by market insights. Gain access to a highly robust supply chain, with a stellar record when it comes to ethics and sustainability.

Let’s shake up your purchasing strategy.

Food management consultancy.

For established businesses and fresh startups alike, food and catering services can be a minefield. Partner with our food management specialists, and we’ll help you navigate this tricky terrain with ease.
Develop an exceptional menu, with responsibly sourced ingredients. Discover new efficiencies and gain the best profit margin you can. Continuously identify new ways to optimise your service – from pricing to carbon footprint, food trends, and everything in between.
The future of your catering service starts today.

Food Management Consultancy

In-house catering solutions.

Catering can be tricky to go at alone. Why not partner up? Trust us to lend a specialist hand across every aspect of your food operation, and guarantee the best results – safety and sustainability assured.

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A partner with a conscience.


We believe businesses have a responsibility to minimise their environmental impact. That’s why sustainability is the backdrop to everything we do. Partner with us, and we’ll help you embed sustainability into every aspect of your operations, and continuously identify ways to improve. Carbon calculations, local, seasonal ingredients, and low impact farming – this is purchasing with purpose.



Sourcing matters. When we know where our food and non-food comes from, we know what our impact is. To help businesses live by their principles, we provide clear supply chain information, and access to quality, environmentally friendly produce, without the spiralling costs. With diligent and transparent sourcing procedures in place, you can trust us to help you buy only the most ethical products.


Thinking big.

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